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Important Instructions

  1. Please Take 6 High-Density matching the angle requested in the upload box.
  2. Make sure car fills 80-90% of the photo box.
  3. Take photos in proper sunlight without any glare.
  4. Check your photos carefully and make sure they fit all parameters.
We are anxious to showcase your fine automobile for possible use in a major film, but cannot do so unless the photos are taken properly.
Matching Your Photos
Image 1 (Front Angle)
Front End of the automobile.
Image 2 (Back Angle)
Back End of the automobile.
Image 3 (Side Shot)
Drivers Side of the automobile.
Image 4 (Side Shot)
Passanger Side of the automobile.
Image 4 (Front Interior)
Front Interior of the automobile.
Image 6 (Back Interior)
Back Interior of the automobile.